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5 Free Things You Can Do Now To Help Your Skin

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This month's blog is simple things you can do to help the appearance of your skin.

1. Water Water Water

I know…. How many times have you heard – drink more water.  This is why it is at the top of the list.  This is the number one thing you can do for your skin and your whole body.  Our body needs water to keep our systems running smoothly – think of the oil in your car.  Without the oil, the engine seizes up and well, you now need a new car. 

Be sure you are aware of your hydration.  Have a glass – 16 ounces - with a meal, before bed, and when you get up.  Just this simple routine will be sure you are getting the minimum you need to keep your engine running.  This will help with any inflammation that shows up in your skin and help with hydrating those skin cells so they look and stay youthful.

2. Cut out the sugar.

Sugar raises insulin levels which leads to inflammation in the body.  This causes your face to look puffy.  Overindulge in a sweet dessert the night before?  Remember how your face looked the next morning?  In your diet it is the added sugars, the white breads, simple carbs that you need to limit.  The sugars found naturally in most foods is fine, but those like potatoes, carrots, rice, grapes, pears, mangos.
As we age, we decrease the amount of collagen and elastin in our skin. These are the key things that keep that youthful look to your skin.  Although a natural process as we age, cutting out sugar helps reduce that effect. 

3. Take a walk.

When the heart rate increases during exercise, it boosts circulation, spreading oxygen and nutrients throughout the body including the skin cells. Regular exercise can also stimulate the production of skin's natural oils, so the complexion stays smooth and supple.

Walking can be boring…. Instead see it as an opportunity to listen to a podcast or book, walk with a friend or pet, take photos, listen to music, work through a problem.  We are not talking about running a marathon, but getting your body moving so the blood circulates.  It is so easy for us to just sit all day at our job or our life in general.

4. Get enough quality sleep.

Sleep is the time used for your body to do a lot of regeneration of cells – including your skin cells.  A research paper found that it is a key factor in skin aging.
Poor quality sleep reduces the ability to maintain hydration of the skin cells.  The study also showed increased signs of intrinsic skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation and slackening of skin and reduced elasticity in those poor sleepers.
Be sure you are getting enough quality sleep.  Eliminating stress is probably the number one culprit that keeps us awake at night.  Go to bed with happy thoughts, a glass of water, and a comforting space.

5. Be aware of what you are using to wash skin.
This past year we have washing our hands much more than ever.  I have people tell me how dry their hands are and find out what they are using to wash their hands.  Most of what they are using is a “soap” that contains detergents, deodorants, or has had the glycerin removed (tend to be from the big soap production companies). 

Do hand made soaps cause your skin to be dry?  They can.  Depending on the formulation the maker is using. Although the glycerin is not removed, different oils or too much lye in the process can make the soap harsh to your skin. 
Check your labels – the oils used in the soap should be listed in order by quantity.  If you see coconut oil near the top of the list, this could be the problem. 

Find a soap that works for your skin.  The gentlest soap is 100% olive oil. 
With all the handwashing going on, you still may need a lotion for your hands.  Find one that lasts through a few washings and be sure to apply at bedtime.

Now, of course, the plug for our soaps and lotion – our soaps leave a soft feeling to your skin and lather very well.  We worked over the last three years to arrive at just the right formulation that works for most people’s skin type.
Our body lotion is great for your hands.  The lotion is non-greasy and lasts through several hand washings.  The biggest ingredient in this is water – then the oils in it help hold it in.  

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