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Importance of self care

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If you have ever flown on a plane, you have heard the speech about putting on your facemask first, then helping others.  The premise is, if you don't help yourself first, you can't help anyone else.  This is true in our day to day life, especially during this time of COVID.

We face days on end without real interactions with others except for those living under our roof.  We go about our life in confined boxes with little space or time for ourselves, yet, we still need to take care of things and care for our loved ones.

Self care is important but it does not have to be another major undertaking.  Keep it simple and keep it you. 

  • If you like yoga, put a sign on your door you are off limits for 15 minutes and get in a short yoga routine. 
  • If you like to run, walk, or hike but feel you don't have the time, make it a half hour - even if you have to push that stroller. 
  • A bath with a good book is always a good one.  When I was pregnant with my son, I would spend 90 minutes each night in the tub reading and running more hot water into the tub.  I was afraid to run the jacuzzi part thought as it might have bother him. 
  • Delegate - give kids chores no matter what their age and other adults in the house can pitch in too.  This is a great article on how to get this started with appropriate chores by age. 
  • Try fresh sheets on a day other than normal changing the bed day - you will sleep like a baby.   It is my dream when I win that million dollars to have my sheets changed every day. 

Now,  speaking of sleep, this is so important to your self care.  Try to keep a regular sleep cycle and do things to help encourage a restful nights sleep.  I know, you've heard it all before - no computers, no tv, no alcohol. I agree, sometimes that works, but sometimes, I just need an old black and white tv show to help me go to sleep or a quick text to my son in college, just to be sure he is doing ok so I won't worry and stay awake.  You probably know all the things that will work for you.  Make the effort to do them.

And did someone say food?  Thought to be our great selfcare, NOT.  When COVID hit, all I wanted to do was bake and I learned to make an awesome sourdough bread and then pizza and then rolls from this guy in Dublin on this      YouTube channel.  I came to realize that this was not working so took things in hand and no longer fed my sourdough or the sourdough to my emotions and focused on the discipline of healthy eating.  It was one thing I could control.  I have to say, it has been the best selfcare option for me.  Feeling in control in an out of control world helps put things into perspective. 

What in your life can you start to control that will help you with self care and bring a better day for you?  Any other success stories out there on how you are managing self care?  Comment Below.


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